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Blog Tour & Review::: Ready for Love by Stella Starling

by - 7:30 AM

Release Date, Paperback: MAY 14, 2017
eBook: MAY 18, 2017
Length: 300 pages
ISBN: 1546581634

Jake Hansen has been crushing on Gabe Byrne for half his life, but since Gabe is a straight, self-proclaimed commitment-phobe who moved away years ago to join the Marines, that crush is strictly a fantasy-best-enjoyed-in-private. And even when Gabe starts to flirt with him like crazy, Jake still knows better than to think it means anything.

Because falling in love with your straight bestie? Not just a cliche, but a guaranteed recipe for disaster.


Growing up, Gabe never saw “Little Jakey” as anything more than the kid who always liked to tag along after him and his brothers, but somehow, being friends with Jake has become the best part of his day. And after a seven-month deployment? Seeing Jake is the one thing he’s looking forward to the most.

He just didn’t expect that hanging out in person again would be so confusing… or keep blurring the lines about how straight he is… or keep making him want things that he never thought he would.

Things that seem a lot like forever.

Ready For Love is a gay romance novel of approximately 79,000 words that contains a hot Marine who spends a good portion of the book in denial, a perky flight attendant who keeps saying yes, zoo animals in compromising positions, a variety of home decor issues, and a sweet and very public happily-ever-after ending worthy of true romantics. Every Stella Starling romance can be read as a standalone and takes place in the same interconnected, contemporary world. Ready For Love is the first book in the Semper Fi series, which is a spin off from At Last, The Beloved Series.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars!

Jake & Gabe -- what can I even say? They were so great together even in Brandon’s book, BeLoved, but having their own story just made them that much more perfect!

This story was so well crafted and flowed so well, it was hard to ever stop reading - but kids and jobs required me to pause occasionally. I think watching Gabe come to terms with the Byrnes affliction (loving one and only) was the best part of the book. Jake was so cute and flowed with whatever he could get, but once that love came through the story took off!! Gabe was more worried about missing out on the friendship they had and less on actually admitting his feelings, as evidenced by Gabe’s thoughts in the story:

Things that (…) he worried were going to fuck up their friendship beyond repair.
Because love?
If his Byrne-genes ran true, it was going to be an irreversible condition.

I am so happy I got to read this book and I really, really can’t wait to read Zach’s book because he seems so perfect, too.

Stella Starling is the storytelling team of two M/M contemporary romance authors who have far too many stories to tell on their own, so decided it would be fun to tell a few of them together.

The authors bring their love for writing, romance, and sweet, steamy “happily ever afters” to every story, and hope that “their boys” will give readers a delicious escape into a world where love always wins.

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