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RELEASE BLITZ & Review::: Nights with Parker by Alice Tribue

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Title: Nights with Parker
Author: Alice Tribue
Genre: Contemporary Romance  
 Release Date: September 22, 2016


Oliver Parker is a narcissistic a*$hole—vain, self-absorbed, conceited, and egotistical.

And those are his better qualities.

He takes what he wants, and he wants me.

Only, I don’t want to be had. Not ever and not by him.

When fate puts the hotel heir in the perfect position to get his way, my only choice is to give him what he wants.

But I'll spend my nights with Parker fantasizing about his demise.

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5 of 5 Hearts 
O.M.G!  How I loved this book so stinking much! I devoured this book in one sitting. I could not put it down! 

Arrogant A$$ ✔
Strong Female Lead ✔
Believable Characters ✔
Hot Scenes ✔
Tenderness ✔
Great Storyline ✔
Story to fall in love with ✔

This is the second book I have read by Alice Tribue. I must say, I thoroughly enjoy her writing and descriptive style. She does such an amazing job with weaving us such a nice little web. You are instantly sucked into the world of her characters and held captive until that very last line.

 When I first started reading I was really hoping that Alice’s lead who be a total a$$ in the beginning  like her lead in Contractual.  I love how she can make me love and hate a character at the exact same time. By the end of this book, I adored her lead Oliver Parker, but in the beginning, he was such a total arrogant prick.

Oliver Parker is a spoiled a$$ who always got his way with women and in life. The opening of this book had me rolling at Oliver and his cocky smugness. He used women for that sweet release from life and then moved on. It was that plain and simple. The only issue is that deep down he is the way he is because of his life. He had never had someone captivate him and push him to strive and be a better man. He had been pushed down and tossed aside in his eyes.

  That all changes when he is sent to Savannah, Georgia, and a beautiful woman invaded his every thought.

I loved how Oliver described Riley. He was completely enamored with her subtle beauty. She was the exact opposite of what he would normally hook up with. Plus, the fact that she pushed him and challenged him like no one before she had him chasing after her. 

Oliver did not chase women, so I loved his inner struggle with not wanting to walk away from someone who captivated him. He needed someone to push back at him and call him out. Riley did that. The only issue is poor Riley was sucked into his world whether she liked it or not. 

Poor Riley has had a time of it. She is struggling to stay above water with her mother when she met Oliver. When he pushed her to her limits after they met… Let’s just say that did not bode well with Riley.

 He had been his normal A$$ and she laid into him and let him have it. I absolutely loved when she showed up at his hotel room to tell him off. She just did not realize how much he would enjoy it either. 

Riley needed someone to show her just how much of an amazing person she truly is and Oliver needed someone in his corner to show him that there really are good people out there in the world. In my eyes, this was a perfect balance. They both found something they did not know was missing. They found their other half.

The ending of this book had the best epilog. It wrapped the story up nicely. 

Author Bio

Alice Tribue lives with her husband and daughter in New Jersey. She has a bachelors degree in communications and is currently working on her masters degree. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, and when the weather permits lounging out on a beach.

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