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Review::: Be True by Stella Starling

by - 7:40 AM

Title: Be True
Series: At Last, The Beloved Series (Book 1)
Release Date: 01/16/17
Length: 406 pages
Cover Design: SilverHeart Publishing

"When we're in public, you're mine."

Outspoken, outgoing, and outrageously out, Trevor Rogers isn't one to say no when opportunity comes knocking. And jetting off to New York City to play the part of reclusive billionaire Logan Carter's boyfriend for a Valentine's Day publicity campaign? That's not just a yes, but oh hell yes.

When Logan Carter's business partner, the founder of the popular dating app bLoved, starts receiving death threats and has to stay out of the public eye, Logan is thrust into the limelight. The only problem? Logan doesn't do public. He also learned the hard way never to mix business with pleasure... no matter how tempting someone like Trevor might make it.

Trevor doesn't want to be tied down, and Logan isn't interested in opening up… but if falling in love is all just an act, why does saying “I love you” start to feel so real?

Be True is a gay romance novel of approximately 93,000 words that contains a bossy billionaire, a failed attempt at an utterly impossible sex position, and two men who are destined to discover that the love neither wanted is exactly what each of them needs. It has a Happily Ever After ending, no pesky cliffhangers, and can be read as a standalone… but if you enjoy Trevor and Logan’s story, be sure to keep an eye out for the other two books in the series! Enjoy!

At Last, The Beloved Series is a three-book spinoff from All I Want, Stella Starling's Christmas romance.

All three books in The Beloved Series center around men who are involved with bLoved, a gay dating app designed to help men find true love, rather than just hookups. Each book happens over the same time period: the six weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, and while each can be read as a standalone, there are overlapping storylines in all three.

4 out of 5 stars

This is another great example of why I love reading the M/M genre. These characters really spoke to me and their story came to life in such a fun and exciting way. There were tears - both happy and sad - and there was plenty of other emotion as well. This story, despite the usual fighting their true feelings plotline, really spoke to me and made me fall in love with both Trevor and Logan.

Logan is a businessman with no time for love -- and no desire to repeat the horribleness of his past. Trevor is just out for a good time and not looking for anything permanent. Neither is prepared for what pretending to be boyfriends will mean for them.

I enjoyed Trevor’s craziness and Logan’s loving side even when he wasn’t sure he wanted to love. I enjoyed their banter and watching Logan become a little less stiff while in Trevor’s company. The story was well written and I am eager for more from this author.

Both characters had some great thoughts and quotes, but here are my favorite two -- first from Logan’s point of view:

He may have been able to keep Trevor from adding color to his wardrobe for the last year, but, after less than twenty-four hours together, it was already clear that Logan wouldn’t be able to stop him from adding color to his life.

And then from Trevor’s:
Logan put the man in romantic.

This story is one that will grab at your heart and make you fall in love with a couple of guys who didn’t want love, but happened to find it anyway.  

Author Bio: 
Stella Starling is the storytelling team of two M/M contemporary romance authors who have far too many stories to tell on their own, so decided it would be fun to tell a few of them together.

The authors bring their love for writing, romance, and sweet, steamy “happily ever afters” to every story, and hope that “their boys” will give readers a delicious escape into a world where love always wins.

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