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Book Blitz & Review::: Be Mine by Stella Starling

by - 8:50 AM

Title: Be TMine
Series: At Last, The Beloved Series (Book 2)
Release Date: 01/28/17
Length: 362 pages
Cover Design: SilverHeart Publishing


“My job is to protect you, not like you.”

After years of being bounced around the foster care system and an unwanted medical discharge from the Army, Jase Walker has finally found a place for himself as a bodyguard with Byrne Security. His loyalty to his job goes beyond professional dedication; the Byrnes treat him like family—the one thing he’s always wanted—and he’s not going to risk messing that up just because his newest client gets under his skin.

Kelly Davis, founder of the popular gay dating app bLoved, is a hopeless romantic, but for Kelly, nothing is more hopeless than finding someone to love. His outgoing, hot-tempered personality and high-profile life help him hide his loneliness, but when a series of personal threats force him out of the public eye, the only thing he has to distract himself with is the maddeningly stoic bodyguard who drives him crazy.

When Kelly’s impulsive nature puts him at risk, the two men are forced into a situation that will either bring out the worst in each of them, or help them find the one thing they need the most… each other.

Be Mine is a gay romance novel of approximately 81,000 words that features a tough guy who likes chick flicks, creepy death threats sewn into pillows, and a cocky-mouthed man convinced that he’ll never find love. It has a Happily Ever After ending, no pesky cliffhangers, and can be read as a standalone… but if you enjoy Kelly and Jase’s story, be sure to keep an eye out for the other two books in the series! Enjoy!

At Last, The Beloved Series is a three-book spinoff from All I Want, Stella Starling's Christmas romance.

All three books in The Beloved Series center around men who are involved with bLoved, a gay dating app designed to help men find true love, rather than just hookups. Each book happens over the same time period: the six weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, and while each can be read as a standalone, there are overlapping storylines in all three.

4 1/2  out of 5 stars

I loved this book. I enjoyed Trevor and Logan’s story in Be True, but Jase & Kelly stole my heart and topped even Tregan.

Jase is assigned to protect Kelly, founder and owner of the online dating app bLoved after several death threats against Kelly. As I read, I found myself emotional many times and once I was crying hard because even though I was reading from Kelly’s point of view, the pain and anguish that Jase was dealing with was so true and raw that I couldn’t not cry.

The story has all the great parts of a romance novel including just enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat and unable to put the book down until the mystery was solved. The slow build of their actual relationship versus Jase’s need to do his best at his job and ignore his feelings was perfectly written and I’m so privileged to have read this novel in advance that I couldn’t not buy it, too.

Author Bio: 
Stella Starling is the storytelling team of two M/M contemporary romance authors who have far too many stories to tell on their own, so decided it would be fun to tell a few of them together.

The authors bring their love for writing, romance, and sweet, steamy “happily ever afters” to every story, and hope that “their boys” will give readers a delicious escape into a world where love always wins.

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