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Release Blitz & Review::: Hungry as a Wolf by Alma Black

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What happens when two shifters meet? They're ravenous for love.

Luke knows how to get what he wants. A lone wolf at heart, he has no problem filling his bed with willing partners. But love? It's not in the cards. But when he matches with his best friend's little sister on the dating app, Shifter, everything changes. Jasmine is a fiery lioness and totally off limits--but that makes her all the more alluring.

Jasmine has had a crush on Luke as long as she can remember. He's sexy, powerful, and alpha. But as his best friend's little sister, Jasmine knows she doesn't stand a chance.

When Luke swipes right on her Shifter profile, Jasmine is shocked. Could this be the start of something more?

But Power Shift is out for blood. They hate any interspecies dating, and will stop at nothing to keep the shifter lines pure. When they attack, can Jasmine and Luke protect each other? Can their newfound love survive? 

Warning: this book contains crazy chemistry, lots of sex, and a little violence to keep things spicy. If those things don't appeal to you, this book is not for you.

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4 of 5 Hearts 

This is such a great new series!! I love how Alma Black keeps the reader intrigued with the mystery of who Luke and Jasmine are up against. Every time I thought I just might have it all figured, Alma through something in there that kept me guessing.

One of my favorite parts of this book was the humor. Both Luke and Jasmine kept me laughing aloud as I read. They both had it bad for each other and did not think the other was interested. 

Jasmine is a lion shifter who with that sexy exotic look that had Luke and his wolf panting at her every move. Luke drooled over this woman on numerous occasions. And the fact that Jasmine could go all dominate and protective did not help things. She was his wolfs equal match even when she did not think she could be. 

I am hoping we get another glimpse into these two in the future books. I really adored them and hated that we did not get more of them. I need more alpha Luke in my life. He loved his girl and would not back down from anyone when it came to his girl. 

Luke's description of Jasmine is one of my favorite parts of the book.  I mean when the wolf wants someone who cares if they are off limits. HEHE

"Luke turned and his eyes landed on his best friend’s baby sister, Jasmine. His heart skipped a beat, her scent washing over him, a mixture of spices that always reminded him of fall. He’d always had a thing for her. He couldn’t deny she was gorgeous, even if she was off limits. 
She looked especially good tonight in a tight red dress, three-inch heels and her golden blonde hair in messy disarray down her shoulders and back. She had a pert nose, strong chin, and come-hither lips. He’d had plenty of fantasies about her mouth. She was tall for a woman and with those heels, damn; her legs looked a mile long."


“You’re using a matchmaking app?” Rachel was flabbergasted. “You don’t need that.”
            “It’s Max’s invention. It’s pretty popular, Rach.”
            “Luke is using a matchmaking app? That’s surprising,” Rachel frowned. She opened her mouth to continue but stopped as the waitress came up and delivered her drink. They both gave their lunch order and Jasmine let out her breath in a huff when they were finally left alone.
            “That felt like ages,” Jasmine commented.
            “So Luke is looking for a mate?” Rachel asked, lifting up her drink and taking a sip. “Are you okay with that?” She looked at Jasmine with concern.
            This time, Jasmine couldn’t hold back her reaction. She rolled her eyes.
            “Listen very carefully, Rachel. He. Liked. My. Profile,” Jasmine annunciated each word precisely. “We m-a-t-c-h-e-d.” Jasmine spread her hands out, her own eyebrows rising with a do-you-understand-now expression.
            “Wait, what?” Jasmine couldn’t believe her best friend could be so dense. “Are you kidding me?” Finally, Jasmine thought. Lightbulb.
            “Yes! I know, I know. I can’t believe it myself. But look,” She pushed her phone across the table, her and Luke’s profile pictures side by side, a heart surrounding them with big green lettering stating ‘MATCHED’ at the top of the screen.
            Rachel’s eyes widened and Jasmine nodded, still barely believing it herself. Realization and excitement dawned on Rachel’s face and she gasped. Jasmine nodded again, seemingly unable to do anything more. It was real. Proof Jasmine wasn’t dreaming written all over Rachel’s face.
            “Holy shit, Jaz,” Rachel looked up, a huge smile on her face. “What are you going to do?
            “I believe you meant who am I going to do.” Jasmine grinned. Rachel laughed.
She couldn’t help the first thought that popped into her head was her and Luke, naked in bed doing the dirty. He’d been every single one of her secret fantasies. She had a lifetime of ideas stored inside her, ready to explore.
            Yet, Rachel’s statement continued to echo in her mind, pushing aside delicious thoughts of licking Luke from top to bottom. Rachel was right, what was she going to do?
            “Jaz?” Rachel’s expression turned concerned.
            Holy crap, Jasmine thought. What could she do? This undeniable attraction she’d had for Luke for years had been a dream. Wishful thinking.
            But now? Now there was a real possibility Luke and her could become something more than friends. That something she’d secretly yearned for in the dark, not truly voicing aloud, could actually come true.

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About Alma Black

Alma Black loves to write, and write and write. She is especially fond of sexy, paranormal stories where the hero has a penchant for growling and the sassy heroine doesn’t put up with any bark. These stories are fast reads and are funny, sexy, and very naughty.

Alma lives in Los Angeles, and wishes with all her heart that there was paranormal dating app that had eligible mates in Southern California. Until then she uses regular dating sites to bring you these stories, inspired by her actual dating life.

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